Had his two German Shepard’s trained at Academy Dog Training. They stayed 12 weeks for advanced obedience and protection dog training for his home and family.

Tony Mccoy “Indianapolis Colts

Contacted Academy Dog Training after seeing their website. Daniel spent 20 minutes talking to me about jake the high strung boxer. I put jake on the plane to Ohio the next day along with my friends dog. Thirty days later we picked up Daniel and the dogs at the airport. he stayed two days and show us how to train with our dogs. We were impressed how they did their obedience commands and their new routine that they had learned at superdog k-9 academy. No matter where you live, you will enjoy working with Daniel and your dogs, even if you have to put him on a plane. We all had a great time.


We contacted Daniel through the Dupont Registry Car Magazine for a trained dog. He delivered a superior quality German Shepherd that was trained in obedience.

David Miller from Michigan

We took our strong willed Labrador to superdog for obedience training for three weeks. When we picked up our dog for our first lesson with Daniel Buzek- Murphy the Labrador looked like he had been in training for several months. We were impressed with the change in our dog, especially around our children.

Aaron Cook (Colorado Rockies)

Daniel had trained three of our Doberman pinchers years ago. He came to our home for 10 sessions and trained our standard poodle in level one obedience. He showed us how to work with our dog indoors and outdoors. He worked with our son and daughter so they could enjoy training and playing with their new, growing puppy. Proper heeling, sitting, staying and down on command in less than 10 sessions

Norma Rashid (Channel 5 News)