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Best Dog Obedience Training in Cincinnati Ohio

Since each dog is different, we customize our training plans to satisfy the specific requirements of each dog and their owner. From fundamental obedience commands like “sit” and “stay,” to more complex abilities like off-leash training and behavior modification, our canine obedience training covers a wide range of abilities.

We never use punishment or negative reward when training our dogs; instead, only positive reinforcement methods are used. We put a lot of effort into making sure the dog and owner are having fun during the training process because we think that creating a close bond between them is essential for effective obedience training.

We offer a variety of training options to fit your schedule and budget, including private lessons, group classes, and in-home training sessions. We also offer specialized training for specific needs, such as therapy dogs and service dogs.

We take pleasure in providing a secure and encouraging learning environment for dogs and their owners at our training facility. Our training facility is spotless, roomy, and furnished with everything we require to conduct successful training classes. Additionally, we abide by all national and local laws governing animal care.

Look no further than our knowledgeable staff if you’re looking for dependable and efficient canine obedience training in Cincinnati, Ohio. We’re committed to offering the highest caliber training because we’re enthusiastic about fostering healthy relationships between dogs and their owners. To learn more about our training options and to begin strengthening your relationship with your furry companion, get in touch with us right away.

Dog Obedience Training Programs In Cincinnati OH • Leash Obedience • Intermediate off Leash • Advanced Full Command Dog Training Level one Training Is Our Basic on Leash Obedience training program for all dogs. First we teach your dog to calm down, pay attention and develop eye contact.

Level One training establishes the basic commands; Heel, Sit, Stay, Down and place. Your Canine student is taught to respond to voice commands and hand signals. Your own personal handling lessons are included. Lifetime Guarantee included

Level Two Training is our intermediate Off Leash Obedience training program. your dog must have already completed level 1 training before enrolling. Your Canine student is taught to respond off leash to both voice commands and hand signals. You will be amazed at the control this progam will establish with your dog. Lifetime Guarantee included

Level Three Training is our Advanced Full Command Dog Training program. Your dog must have already completed Level 2 training before enrolling. This level of training trains your dog to a level of control required for Police K-9, Schutzhund, or Trick Dog/Theatrical work. An excellent dog is required for this demanding level of work Super Dog can provide suitable dogs for this advanced work dogs